JACKPOT, TIGER Release Self-Titled Album May 13 + “Caught In Love” Premiere Today

We’re excited to be working with Brooklyn-based indie pop band Jackpot, Tiger who will release their self-titled sophomore album on May 13th.

Dingus premiered the first track “Caught In Love” today and said:
“’Caught in Love’ is one of those really good pop songs… It’s got a chorus that makes you want to bust out your very best hand-clapping skills and you’ll probably go horse from singing it at the top of your lungs.”

Stream/Download “Caught In Love” from Jackpot, Tiger and feel free to post.

Jackpot, Tiger follows the release of The Sweet & Savory EP (2010) and their debut full-length album Chemistry Night (2012). Unlike Chemistry Night, which was recorded over the span of three days, Jackpot, Tiger has been nearly two years in the making, recorded back and forth between Moon Lab Studios in Brooklyn, N.Y. and Frisbie Studios in New York, N.Y. This album marks an entirely different approach from the fast, spastic energy of the first record, resulting in a denser, layered sound andgreater synergistic force.

Jackpot, Tiger’s influences merge the classic songwriting traditions of artists such as Brian Wilson, Big Star, and Joni Mitchell with raucous 90’s power-pop (a la Pavement, Weezer). All four members – Claire McGinley, Eryck Tait, Kevin McGinley and Alex Kahn – switch instruments and roles constantly, even during their live shows, keeping the audience on their toes. Kahn, Claire McGinley, and Tait share songwriting responsibilities, creating lyrics and songs that shift through three unique perspectives while funneled through the same machine that is Jackpot, Tiger.

Join the band for the NYC CD release show on May 12 at Mercury Lounge, followed by the release of Jackpot, Tiger on May 13, 2014.

Check them out at:

The Whispering Tree Featured in Big Takeover Magazine

Folk duo The Whispering Tree nabbed a stellar review from Big Takeover Magazine who called The Escape an “eagerly anticipated” “treasure” filled with “spacious, sweeping, and snowpeak-scaling folk-rock beauty.” Read on:



Hannah vs. The Many Release “Ghost Stories” EP November 12 + NYC Release Show November 14

Hannah vs. the Many

Hannah vs. The Many, led by Brooklyn based singer/songwriter/antiheroine Hannah Fairchild, will release Ghost Stories (EP) – a disc of five songs brought back from the dead — on November 12th, 2013.

Join us for the NYC Ghost Stories EP release show at 11 p.m. on November 14 at Cake Shop (152 Ludlow St. NYC 10002).

LISTEN to the single “Poor Leander”:


“…there is no better lyricist, tunesmith or singer in rock right now than Hannah Fairchild of Hannah vs. the Many.” – NY Music Daily

Ghost Stories is riddled with raw emotion and never loses its grooving edge.” – Jamsphere

Boy has she got fire in her.” – The Deli Magazine

“The key’s in the name. Hannah VS. The Many. Not Hannah AND The Many… You wouldn’t want to be part of the “Many” Hannah Fairchild’s ferociously taking down – track by track…” – The Deli Magazine NYC

“The tracks on All Our Heroes Drank Here are quirky and striking,
think indie pop-rock meets jazzy show tunes.” -AltSounds

More Information:

CMJ 10/19 Artist Spotlight: Michael Wagner

Catch Michael Wagner TONIGHT at our CMJ showcase!


Michael Wagner slaps ukuleles to make them sound like drums. He also screams his head off while playing manic guitar songs inspired by the Belgian master Django Reinhardt. You probably haven’t seen anyone quite like him, and if you say you have you’re probably lying.

Whether he’s playing quiet listening rooms or bellowing over obnoxious crowds while envisioning those he hates most: Michael would like to remind you that, while life may be utterly miserable and devoid of any real meaning, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.



CMJ 10/19 Artist Spotlight: Belle Mare


Catch Belle Mare tonight at our CMJ Showcase!


London native Amelia Bushell caught the attention of Thomas Servidone while performing at an open mic in Brooklyn, NY. The chance encounter between the two turned into a collaboration that would quickly become Belle Mare.

After just the first two meetings between the two, the duo had written their first two songs, one of them being their first single, “The Boat of the Fragile Mind”, a haunting pop ballad that would define their signature blend of serene vocal melodies, ornamented with subtle pianos and dazzling synth textures.

Within the next four months, the duo wrote and recorded their first full length album, The Boat of the Fragile Mind, all in the modest confines of Thomas’s apartment in Brooklyn.

With influences ranging from Sibylle Baier and Mazzy Star to darker indie acts such as The Notwist and Grouper, Belle Mare effortlessly compounds a modern vibe with retrospective leanings to create something nostalgic yet exploratory.



CMJ Artist Spotlight: Bryan Dunn

Check out Bryan Dunn at our CMJ Showcase on 10/19

Watch his new video “I Get By” Here

Bryan Dunn’s gutsy roots rock sounds like your favorite faded denim: intimate, classic, love-worn & real. Combining the addictive hooks of the British Invasion, the storied swagger of Austin, Texas, & the plaintive soul of his Irish ancestry, Dunn’s songs are instant earworms. His deft wordplay rewards multiple listens & his exuberant live shows compel even cooler-than-thou Brooklyn to let loose & dance like there’s no tomorrow.

A fixture on the New York indie scene since 2006, when he placed second in Jezebel Music’s Williamsburg Live Singer/Songwriter Contest, Bryan Dunn wins over fellow musicians & fans alike with his blistering sets & generous spirit. His new record “Sweetheart of the Music Hall,” produced by Chris Cubeta of Galuminum Foil Studios, is his greatest outing yet. Featuring a number of sweethearts of downtown’s beloved Rockwood Music Hall, the album bursts with local talent. Look for it in 2012.

“[R]eal clever, George Jones-worthy” –New York Music Daily

“Strongly influenced by the 60′s musical invasion of The Beatles, it’s almost impossible not to hear fragments of Lennon and McCartney in some of Dunn’s work. With his passion for folk music burning bright, he fuses the two influences together making for a sound that’s just irresistibly sweet.” – Joel Crane, NME

www.bryandunnmusic.net // Twitter // Facebook

CMJ 10/19 Artist Spotlight: Luke Wesley

Luke Wesley

Luke Wesley

Luke Wesley will perform at our CMJ Showcase on 10/19 at The Rock Shop

LISTEN: Bandcamp

Growing up in a large family, Luke Wesley’s musical influences were all over the place. Born and raised in the small north central Ohio farm town of Shelby, he spent his time listening to anything from Dion and the Belmonts and The Beatles to Guns N’ Roses and The Clash. The variety of influences coming into the household helped shape Luke’s pop rock brand. “There was always a cassette tape from a Billboard compilation that I was desperately trying to wear out. That combined with the eclectic tastes of my older brothers made for an interesting cornucopia of music around the house.” says Luke.

In Elementary school he started learning percussion, but later, in High School, things began to take off musically as Luke started to teach himself piano. Today he has taken those musical influences and the percussive attack on piano to craft a decidedly unique modern brand of blue eyed soul. Luke’s smoky, soulful voice drew comparisons on his debut album (Because We Never Talk About It) to the likes of Marc Cohn and Bruce Hornsby.

On his sophomore effort (Who Are We Kidding?), Luke set out with producer Chris Cubeta to take his music in a matured direction. What they created is a collection of songs that groove and flow like Wesley’s first record, but with a more concise lyrical style coupled with giant synth sounds.

The bulk of this second album was written just before and during recording on a much more accelerated timeline than used previously. Says Luke: “This album was made in a year, from the time I started writing the songs to the time we finished mastering. It was a lot quicker than I had ever done before. The challenge of coming up with 25 songs in a handful of months and then working with those songs to come up with something that you can pare down and be really proud of…it’s gratifying.”

But Luke recognizes that this album was a collaborative effort, “I wrote these songs and then brought them to my regular band (Dave Burnett & Mike Tuccillo). We worked for a few days on tightening up arrangements and figuring out how we wanted to make the songs work, and then we went into the studio with Cubeta. At that point it was a lot of Chris and I going back and forth in the control room as we developed the album you hear now.

“I wanted to make a group of songs that went together stylistically and conceptually, but I get bored easily sometimes so I also wanted the album to have a diversity in its influences.” Luke said about the album, “I think that Chris and I achieved that.”




LISTEN: Bandcamp

LISTEN: Soundcloud

FeelingAnxious PR + GaluminumFoil Present: 3rd Annual Official CMJ Showcase 10/19

Here’s the official poster for our CMJ showcase on 10/19. And here’s the official invite! See you there.

FeelingAnxious PRGaluminumFoil Productions Presents
2013 CMJ Showcase
The Rock Shop (Brooklyn)
Saturday October 19th

Michael Wagner
Belle Mare
Teen Girl Scientist Monthly
Luke Wesley
Bryan Dunn
Crazy Pills

Hannah vs. The Many Release Ghost Stories EP 11/12 + NYC EP Release Show 11/14 at Cake Shop

Media contact: Arien Rozelle
FeelingAnxious PR
arien [at] feelinganxious [dot] com

Hannah vs. the Many

LISTEN to the Single: “Poor Leander”

New York, NY (September 24, 2013) – Following the release of Paper Kingdoms (2010) and All Our Heroes Drank Here (2012), Hannah vs. The Many, led by Brooklyn based singer/songwriter/antiheroine Hannah Fairchild, will release Ghost Stories (EP) – a disc of five songs brought back from the dead — on November 12th, 2013.

Delayed by a series of events — life, hurricanes, and mild poverty— Ghost Stories was initially set for release in the fall of 2012. Over a year later, the five-song EP takes a new look at old songs, accompanied by a new band. The single “Poor Leander,” (so called because of an unrequited love’s self-diagnosed Hero Complex) grew from a wistful hoedown into a sneering psychobilly kiss off, played at three times its original tempo. “Nicollet,” was originally styled after Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne,” but now takes a turn towards Motown.

Fairchild, who is joined by Josh Fox (lead guitar), Daniel Muhlenberg (drums/banter) on Ghost Stories, originally moved to New York City in 2007 expecting to find work and meaning in the city’s seedy underground indie musical theater community, which, as it turns out, doesn’t actually exist. After two years of being rejected by every possible elementary school tour, Hannah said “fuck this” and started writing her own material.

Her lyrics are rooted in her musical theater background, with acerbic, rapid-fire observations that reflect her childhood obsession with Stephen Sondheim. Musically, she bends genres at will, blending influences from Kate Bush to The Replacements to Leslie Gore. Hannah’s songs tell stories of heartbreak, hook-ups, drunken victories, narrow escapes, and all the other “pretty little tragedies” that come with being young and broke in the greatest city in the world.

Look for the release of Ghost Stories on November 12, 2013. Join us for the NYC EP release show at 11 p.m. on November 14 at Cake Shop (152 Ludlow St. NYC 10002).

“The key’s in the name. Hannah VS. The Many. Not Hannah AND The Many… You wouldn’t want to be part of the “Many” Hannah Fairchild’s ferociously taking down – track by track…” – The Deli Magazine NYC

“The tracks on All Our Heroes Drank Here are quirky and striking,
think indie pop-rock meets jazzy show tunes.” -AltSounds

“…gorgeously jangly, menacing, jazz-tinged powerpop…(All Our Heroes Drank Here is) an early contender for best rock record of 2012.” – New York Music Daily

More Information:





The Whispering Tree in Chronogram Magazine

The Whispering Tree Featured in Chronogram Magazine || September 2013

Beacon, NY duo The Whispering Tree — Eleanor Kleiner and Elie Brangbour — recently released their latest EP The Escape. Hudson Valley magazine Chronogram said “Kleiner’s vocals billow and soar…” Read the full review and listen to their track “No Love” here.