The Glorious Veins Talk About “Savage Beat” with sat down with The Glorious Veins for a Q&A in advance of their Northside Tavern show – read on:


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Emily Zuzik Featured in The Huffington Post

Emily Zuzik in The Huffington Post

Emily Zuzik in The Huffington Post

Congratulations to Emily Zuzik for the amazing feature by Laura Cococcia in The Huffington Post today!

Says the author: “Why I love her: she believes in the power of intuition to guide her, adoring her inspirations, but not a slave to the rules of what must define a songwriter. Emily and I had a chance to connect and talk more about the world behind her story. I’m thrilled to share it with you and hope that aspiring musicians — and writers — can visualize the vibrancy in the template she’s created for herself, a true lesson for me in what creativity can look like.”

Right on! Be sure to join us on June 25th at The Living Room to celebrate the release of Zuzik’s The Wild Joys of Living! 

Interview of the Day: Jen Hirsh in Lip Magazine

Jen Hirsh in Lip Magazine Jan 19 2011

There’s nothing better than reading a piece in which you can see the interviewer with a pad and pencil, sitting across from the interviewee, drinking a cup of coffee, listening intently.

Jen Hirsh’s interview in Lip Magazine, out today, is a great piece of work. Thanks to Christine Campbell for getting to know Jen and checking out her show.

Read the entire piece here.